Welcome to a History of Ice and Fire, a blog devoted to exploring the real-world history behind George R.R. Martin’s epic fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire!

The primary focus of this blog is to examine parallels between real-world historical events and people with their A Song of Ice and Fire counterparts. These parallels are intended to shed light upon various characters and events in the series, as well as to occasionally make (hopefully informed and interesting) speculation about the future arcs of characters or events where applicable. This blog will draw from a plethora of historical figures and time periods just as Martin does, so you can rest assured that the Wars of the Roses, the Tudors, the Vikings, and the Romans among others will all get their due here.

Although the primary purpose of a History of Ice and Fire is to study comparisons between the history of our world and that of Planetos, the vivid setting of a A Song of Ice and Fire, other theories about and aspects of A Song of Ice and Fire will certainly be discussed.

Please feel free to join the conversation by posting comments-whether complimentary or critical-on my posts or by suggesting new ideas for other posts. I look forward to engaging with as many readers and fellow Song of Ice and Fire fans as possible.

(Note to fans of the Game of Thrones TV Series: You are absolutely welcome on this blog, but please understand that the primary focus of this blog is to discuss the book series, so book canon takes precedence.)

Spoiler Warning:


Please be aware that all five published books in the Song of Ice and Fire series will be discussed as well, so if you do not wish to be spoiled, read at your own discretion. Thank you.



This blog is written by an avid Song of Ice and Fire fan and history buff for other Song of Ice and Fire fans who may be interested in the real-world history that inspired the Song of Ice and Fire characters and events. My primary qualification is my own passion and research. I don’t claim to be an authority; merely a fan eager to share my theories and insights in a manner I hope will be constructive for everyone. I’m so excited that you decided to check out my blog, and I hope that you will stay awhile and make yourself at home!


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